Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New caUSE co-MOTION Video - Who's Gonna Care

The Brooklyn band and Slumberland records recording artists specialize in short burst of indy pop.

New Crystal Antlers Video - Andrew

This blues indebted track from the bands forthcoming album Tentacles is a real standout. The video is a mix of natural and unnatural textures and images of the band.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sundays Slept On

Luscious Jackson - In Search Of Manny

The debut EP From Luscious Jackson was the first release by The Beastie Boys Grand Royal record label. This was not surprising seeing as how all of the ladies in the band were long time friends of the Beasties and Kate Schellenbach (drums) was the one time drummer during the punk days of the Beastie Boys. In Search of Manny was composed of three demo's that original members Jill Cunniff (vocals, bass)and Gabby Glaser (vocals, guitar) recorded using tip money from their restaurant jobs and four original songs. The songs on the EP are a combination of live instrumentation and old school samples much like Check Your Head era Beasties. The standout track here is Daughters of the Kaos whose mix of Spanish Guitar strumming, old school beats and siren calls make for a surprise dance floor number.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Greatest Album Covers

Oh man, if I opened my front door and saw Mr. Cash standing there all grim reaper like with his hunting dogs I might just shit myself. This image conveys one simple message: even at his age Cash is a bad ass. Not a lot of people could have pulled this photo off. Imagine the guy from the Killers or Dan Deacon, laughable right? But when your the Man In Black...

Wish List

The 808 Drum Machine Pillow!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Killers Cover Bright Eyes

The B Side for their Spaceman single will be this 80's synth-pop cover of Bright Eyes song Four Winds. This is actually much better than I thought it would be.

New N.A.S.A. Video - Gifted

The Kanye West, Santigold and Lykke Li featuring song was a real highlight from the Spirit Of Apollo album.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Sunset Rubdown Album Art

Ra Ra Riot Play Can't You Tell For Ferguson

I too was excited when I got my orange vinyl copy of Rhumb Line.

Blitzen Trapper Play In Old Power Plant

The Seaholm Power Plant here in Austin Texas is a piece of the old Austin that you don't see much of these days. Built in the 1950's this Art Deco building has not been producing any power for a long time. During SXSW it did produce a promo for MTVU's Ahead Of The Curve featuring Blitzen Trapper. The footage was shot on the upper levels of the power plant since the lower levels are infested with snakes.

Mike Watt To Release Improv-Rock Album

Mike Watt is a fucking legend in the punk rock world, period. The dude is also a bad ass bass player and all around good guy. On May 12 his improv-rock group Unknown Instructors which also features former Minutemen and fIREHOSE drummer George Hurley will release their new album Funland. Mike is also tearing up the road touring with his trio The Missingmen.

The Vaselines Get Reissued

The Scottish band will have everything they ever recorded released on May 5 when Sub Pop unleashes Enter The Vaselines. The twee duo gained much attention back in the day when super fan Kurt Cobain and a little band he was in covered three of their songs including the super catchy Molly's Lips. In recent years the band has been playing the odd show here and there so here is hoping for maybe some new songs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kingston Logic 2.0

Kingstonlogic 2.0 / Directors Cut from Rickards Bros. on Vimeo.

New Dinosaur Jr. Album Art

Dinosaur Jr. will release their second album since reuniting this June on Jagjaguar.

New Department Of Eagles Video - No One Does It Like You

This is a pretty intricate video in fact it got it's debut yesterday at the MOMA.

New Black Lips Vido - I'll Be With You

The Black Lips share some old Super 8 footage of their Christmas in the video for I'll Be With You from the album 200 Million Thousand.

Arcade Fire Soundtrack Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

The Arcade Fire's Wake Up soundtracks this preview to the awesome looking preview to Spike Jonze's adaptation of the book Where The Wild Things Are.

New Maximo Park And Conor Oberst Album Art

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sundays Slept On

Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker

I'm not sure where most Fugazi fans would place In On The Kill Taker on their list of the bands best albums but to me it might place on the top. Kill Taker was recorded in 1993 and was the bands third full length. The band originally recorded the album in Chicago with Steve Albini but unhappy with the results they decided to rerecord it back in their home-base of D.C. This album catches Fugazi at the height of their powers combining the raw energy of their first two albums with the artistry that would dominate their next releases. The album starts off with what might be the strongest one/two punch of any Fugazi album with Facet Squared and Public Witness Program. What's really great about this album though is it's range. You can go from Sweet And Low which sounds just like it sounds to the almost Minor Threat ready political punk of Great Cop.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New PJ Harvey And John Parish

Janes Addiction at SXSW

Janes played a Playboy/C3 party last night and word is that they killed it. They only played track from Nothings Shocking and Ritual. Thank god nothing from Strays!

New Neko Case Video - People Got A Lotta Nerve

Classic Graphic

Ok Jason, so why don't you sum up a stereotypical American and your canvas will be the bottom of your skateboard. So Jason Lee nails it with a Star Spangled back ground with images relating to guns, god, beer, television and smokes. I hear this sold really well in Alabama.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vampire Weekend Play White Sky For Late Night

They have been playing this one live for a while now and it should be on their next album whenever it comes out.

Modest Mouse Perform Satellite Skin For Letterman

This will be released as a special orange vinyl 7 inch on Record Store day.

Greatest Album Covers

Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit

Expensive Shit was released in 1974 and caught Fela at the height of his battle with the Nigerian government. The title alludes to when the Nigerian police planted a big joint in Fela's compound in order to bust him for it. Being a quick thinker Fela ate the joint and the police took him into custody. The plan was to wait untill he had to shit and then to test it for the drug. However being a man of the people Fela was able to obtain another inmates excrement and was eventually set free. The cover of this album is the girls from Fela's harem.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Check Your Head

Hot on the heels of the reissue of the Beastie Boys second album Paul's Boutique comes word that their third album Check Your Head will also get the reissue treatment. Check Your Head marked the Beastie's return to playing their own instruments and a more diverse sounding album of different genres of songs from punk, dub, jazz and hip hop. The band had moved to California by this time and it was somewhat of a rebirth for them. Perhaps it's my age but this is the Beastie Boys album that resonates the most with me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pete Doherty - Last Of The English Roses

Might I suggest that more Football (soccer) and less heroin might be a good choice for my favorite and prolific junkie.

Kanye West To Play SXSW

Yup, The Associated press has confirmed it. Mr West will be here in Austin playing during this weeks SXSW festival. No time, date or location has been announced yet but might I suggest a day set at Emos?

Public Enemy Bring The Noise To Jimmy Fallon

With the always awesome Roots backing them up.

The Stone Roses Reunite?

The British tabloid rag The Daily Mirror is reporting that the band is working out the details of a 21 date UK tour as well as an appearance at this years Coachella festival. Nothing has been confirmed yet by the band but if there is one thing we have learned over the past few years it's that reunion can be very lucrative for long beloved bands.

Mess With Texas

Every year during SXSW there is a big ass party at Waterloo Park and it's free! This years set list kills it with Black Lips, Kid Sister, Vivian Girls, Abe Vigoda, Circle Jerks, Cursive, Thermals and much much more. Check it out on Saturday March 21 starting at 11:30 am.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

In the current segment over at pitchforks A>D>D we get one of my favorite new bands The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart performing Everything With You in a bathroom. Good acoustics right?

New Camera Obscura Video - French Navy

Cursive Perform From The Hips For Letterman

Many times bands just cant seem to translate what they do to the late night TV setting. This was not an issue for Cursive who probably sold a few more units this weekend.

New Bob Dylan Album Artwork

Um, a couple making out in the back of a car. Interpret as you like.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundays Slept On

Sundays Slept On will be a weekly look at albums that for what ever reason never got their due.

This week we look at Rival Schools - United By Faith. They were a sort of super group featuring members from hardcore bands Gorilla Biscuits, CIV and Youth Of Today. The band was led by singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels who was also in Quicksand. The band released one album which like their band name was taken from the Capcon game. The band split up in 2002 but reunited last year to play some shows including Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin. The band is rumored to be working on new material for their second album. United by Fate is what some would call a post hardcore album owning to its more accessible sound.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Golden Filter Video - Solid Gold

Pixies Reunion Part 2?

At Coachella 2004 I was blown away by the Pixies as were a lot of other people over the year lucky enough to catch their reunion shows. Since that tour there was talk of a new album but nothing materialized and Frank Blank and The Breeder have released new material. Now the Pixies have one live date at England's Isle Of Wight Festival. Could this turn into a full fledged tour?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hold Steady Preview Live Album And DVD

The Hold Steady are about to release A Positive Rage their first live document. Look for the Hold Steady playing Rachel Ray's party next week during SXSW.

New Bat For Lashes Vidoe - Daniel

In the Karate Kid referencing video for "Daniel" our hero battles faceless black villains and of course Danial-San makes an appearance at the end.

Daniel - Bat For Lashes

R.E.M. Join Patti Smith On Stage At R.E.M. Tribute

I guess their fans.

New Bill Callahan Album Art

This looks like it could be the Austin transplants southwestern album.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New To Me - Little Boots

Why is it that European pop stars are witty, cute and best of all make good music while in the States were stuck with Britney Spears? Here are a couple covers of Hot Chip and Kid Cudi.

Radiohead Have Finally Made It

Their on the cover of Mexican Mad Magazine.

New Handsome Furs Video - I'm Confused

I house party goes awfully wrong when everyone starts spitting out black vile and attacking the uninfected in this well produced video.

Handsome Furs "I'm Confused" from Sarah Marcus on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Were They Thinking

What kind of an idiot would rip off the classic Minor Threat logo and put it on a cheesy t-shirt for their mall chain store? The kind of idiot that works for Forever 21 that's who. Minor Threat were a band that stood in stark contrast to the 80's cliques that this shirt displays. Not to mention Dischord Records (founded by two members of Minor Threat) don't even sell merch for their biggest band Fugazi. Here is what they had to say:

The band and the label tend to deal with bootleg shirts on a case by case basis, acknowledging the vast difference between kids screening shirts for friends and professional printing studios screening shirts for profit. Obviously this absurd Forever 21 shirt falls under the ‘unacceptable' category."

Plus that is one ugly ass shirt!

Radiohead And USC Marching Band Warm Up

Ed Templeton And Mike Vallely In New Deal 1281

More old school street skating footage by some of the legends.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Steve Earle To Release Townes Van Zandt Tribute Album

When not trying to keep "Bubbles" off the junk on The Wire Steve Earle makes music. On May 12 Earle will release a tribute album to one of his heroes and friends Townes Van Zandt on New West.

Jarvis Cocker Readies - New Album

The one time front man for Brit Pop legends Pulp recorded his second solo album in Chicago with Indy/Punk legend Steve Albini. The album titled Further Complications will be out May 19 thru Rough Trade in the U.S. It features the excellently titled songs: Fucking Song & I Never Said I Was Deep.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Vetiver Video - Everyday

New Mastodon Video - Divinations

Only the lightning bolt from a flying V guitar can kill the yeti.

Remembering C86

C86 was a cassette tape compilation released by the British music weekly New Music Express (NME) in 1986 featuring bands like Primal Scream, The Pastels, The Shop Assistants, The Wedding Present, The Mighty Lemon Drops and many more. The name references cassette tapes at the time that came in lengths like C90 and C120. The compilation covered a popular guitar rock style at the time known by different names such as Twee, Cutesy, Jangly Pop and later C86 after the tape. The tape was supposed to be representative of the British music scene of the time and in that sense it failed from a complete lack of diversity. However as a representation of some of the best bands of a specific genre it remains an important document. Without C86 it's hard to imagine the success that Belle & Sebastian would later have or current favorite The Pains of Being Pure of Heart. So if you like your rock nerdy and sensitive you can do much worse than this compilation.

New Jason Lytle Album Art

This is the album art for the former Grandaddy frontman's very Grandaddy sounding solo debut Yours Truly The Computer. Jason will be playing a whopping six shows here in Austin during SXSW including one right across the street from my work at Homeslice!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Classic Clip

This is Mark "Gator" Rogowski's famous talking run where he called the tricks as he does them. Gator is up for parole this year after being convicted and sentenced to 31years for the rape and murder of his ex girlfriends friend. I wonder if he gets out if he will go back to skating?

Beatle-ology 101

Liverpool Hope University (in The Beatles hometown) will be offering a masters program called "The Beatles, Popular Music and Society. The Director of the program Mike Brocken said "students would be expected to study the Beatles' songs, stardom, hometown and cultural impact through four 12-week courses and a dissertation." No mention if the the class will tackle the post Beatles life of the Fab Four. Lennon's antiwar history seems like it would be interesting.

No Age and Bob Mould At Noise Pop

The good stuff keeps coming from San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival. We have already been treated to new songs by St. Vincent and Deerhunter and now we have arty punks No Age and old school legend Bob Mould performing the formers Miner and Husker Du's New Day Rising.

Live Grizzly Bear - Colorado

You just had to know the Grizzly Bear would sound amazing when they played the BAM with the Philharmonic Orchestra. I offer up Colorado as proof.

Live Deep Red - Fun Girls

Deep Red is members of Hercules And The Love Affair.

New N.A.S.A. Video - Way Down

The debut album from N.A.S.A. has been getting some less than stellar reviews but I think we can all agree that they have been putting out some good videos. This video for Way Down featuring RZA is no exception.

New Art Brut Video - Alcoholic Unanimous

This is the first clip from Art Brut's Frank Black produced upcoming album Art Brut VS. Satan. The video tackles what goes on the day after an all night bender.

New Sonic Youth Stream

Um, this is brought to you by the Newsweek blog for some reason. At just a little over two minutes this is the first we have heard from Sonic Youth's Matador debut.

New Winter Gloves Video Let Me Drive

They still make cool videos from time to time and this video for Montreal's Winter Gloves is one of them. It must have taken some on a lot of time to drawer all the pictures that went into these old school flip books but it was time well spent.

David Byrne Matches Wits With Stephen Colbert - Plays Life Is Long

St. VIncents Debuts New Tracks Live

Texas's own Annie Clark debuted some new songs at her appearance at San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival. Check out the rockin' track Marrow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Project Jenny, Project Jan Video Pins & Needles

This video also features Fugiya and Miyagi doing the monoatone thing that they do.

Deerhunter Live

Right now You Tube has full concerts from this years Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco by Deerhunter, Port O'Brien and Ra Ra Riot.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Southern Gospel

Como Now is a traditional collection of a Capella songs as sung my the locales of Panola County at Mt. Mariah Church. These are songs that have been passed down from generation to generation and are a traditional part of the southern way of worship.
A personal favorite and the Como Mamas, a family group that sing from the soul.

Greatest Album Covers

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

The image on the cover of Joy Divisions debut album is of 100 succesive pulses of the first pulsar (PSR B1919+21) discovered. The image was originaly published in Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy and was made of black lines on a white background. The cover image was picked by Bernard Sumner and design is credited to Joy Division, Peter Seville and Chris Mathan.