Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Touch And Go Records 25th Anniversary Documentary

Hanz Zimmer and Johnny Marr Perform Mombasa (from the Inception Soundtrack)

It's good to see Johnny Marr raising his profile these days with gigs with Modest Mouse, The Cribs and now the Inception soundtrack.

Lunchtime Flashback

The Pixies "Gigantic"

Video - The Roots "The Fire"

Le Mans Classic by Laurent Nivalle

When I was a kid I actually got to go to the 24 Hour Le Mans. The drivers take shift but the car is on the track for 24 hours straight. You would take a nap and wake up to find out that half a dozen cars had broken down or crashed while you were out. More amazing pictures of the race by Laurent Nivalle here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creative Street Art Piece by Fauxreel

VIA: Unurth

Improv Everywhere - Subway Art Show Gallery Opening

These guys do it again!

New Shepard Fairey Print "Moon Over Biloxi"

The title of this print “Moon Over Biloxi” is a tribute to the Dead Kennedy’s song “Moon Over Marin”. In 1984 I picked up maybe my 4th punk record which was the 2nd Dead Kennedy’s album “Plastic Surgery Disasters”. The album is a great listen all the way through and includes some blistering tunes like “Riot” and “Bleed For Me” laced with social commentary. The surprise song though is “Moon Over Marin”… detractors have called it the Dead Kennedy’s “U2″ song, but I disagree. “Moon Over Marin” is more melodic than most DK, but juxtaposed with the darkness of the lyrics, the song evokes a powerful sense of existential melancholy. I think the concept that struck me, and stuck with me, is that our disrespect of each other and the planet may doom us , but things will continue without us. I think it is healthy to recognize impermanence, but also to appreciate the value of the ephemeral. Moonlight, real or electric, will probably be around, but what it will be casting light on is the real question. There will always be a moon over Biloxi.

lunchtime Flashback

Embrace "Dance Of Days"

Hilo Chen Explores the Female Figure

Hilo Chen is a Taiwanese-American painter who seems to really love the ladies.