Saturday, January 31, 2009

New U2 Video - Get On Your Boots

Well the video is kinda cool. Men have fucked up the world and the only answer to saving mankind is hot women in "sexy boots". I wonder if Bono has proposed this idea to his buddies at the United Nations? As for the song, well it's pretty bad.

Nick Lowe On Austin City Limits

The man who may have had a hand in saving pop music in the 70's and helped to birth punk will be on this Saturdays episode.

John Doe Teams Up With The Sadies

Los Angles punk icon and founding member of X will be releasing a country album called Country Club backed country thumpers The Sadies. The album will feature cover versions by artists such as Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette as well as four originals. The album will have a "Bakersfield Sound" as apposed to a "Nashville Sound".

Friday, January 30, 2009

Business Time

Oh shit, the Flight of the Conchords North America tour and there is an Austin date!

Flight of the Conchords Tour Dates
4/6/09 Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center* Tampa, FL
4/7/09 University of Miami BankUnited Center* Coral Gables, FL
4/8/09 UCF Arena* Orlando, FL
4/10/09 Ryman Auditorium* Nashville, TN
4/11/09 Fox Theatre* Atlanta, GA
4/13/09 Constitution Hall* Washington, D.C.
4/14/09 Radio City Music Hall* New York, NY
4/17/09 Agganis Arena* Boston, MA
4/18/09 Tower Theatre (2 shows)* Philadelphia, PA
4/19/09 Kent State University* Kent, OH
4/21/09 Massey Hall** Toronto, ON
4/22/09 Massey Hall** Toronto, ON
4/24/09 Fox Theatre** Detroit, MI
4/25/09 IU Auditorium** Bloomington, IN
4/26/09 Overture Center for the Arts** Madison, WI
4/28/09 Aerie Crown** Chicago, IL
4/30/09 Fox Theatre** St. Louis, MO
5/2/09 Riverside Theatre (2 shows)** Milwaukee, WI
5/3/09 Northrop Auditorium** Minneapolis, MN
5/5/09 Nokia Theatre** Dallas, TX
5/6/09 Jones Hall** Houston, TX
5/7/09 Bass Concert Hall** Austin, TX
5/10/09 Center in Vancouver for the Performing Arts*** Vancouver, BC
5/11/09 Paramount Theatre*** Seattle, WA
5/12/09 Paramount Theatre*** Seattle, WA
5/14/09 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall*** Portland, OR
5/16/09 Red Rocks Amphitheatre**** Denver, CO
5/17/09 Abravanel Hall*** Salt Lake City, UT
5/19/09 Dodge Theatre*** Phoenix, AZ
5/20/09 RIMAC Arena*** San Diego, CA
5/22/09 County Bowl*** Santa Barbara, CA
5/23/09 The Joint*** Las Vegas, NV
5/24/09 Greek Theatre*** Los Angeles, CA
5/25/09 Berkeley Community Theatre (2 shows)*** Berkeley, CA

Coachella Line Up Announced

Some first thoughts.
1. Holy shit Leonard Cohen and My Bloody Valentine!!
2. What are the chances of Amy Winehouse showing up?
3. Yes, Superchunk!
4. What will Shepard Fairey be doing there?
5. Will Paul McCartney be doing his Firman thing?
6. The Killers, eh.
7. The Cure were kinda bad when I saw them in 2004.

John Lennon's Sons To Perform Together

For the first time ever Julian and Sean Lennon will perform together. The event will take place February 26 at something called The U.N. Millennium Good Awards. It's good to see that the continued battle over Lennon's estate is not keeping these two from being brothers. Oh, and Jersey Douchbag John Bon Jovi is playing as well.

National Geographic Records?

That's right National Geographic Magazine (not pictured here) is launching their own record label called Nat Geo Music. The label will release new music from various "world music" performers from all over the planet. Kind of an odd time to start a record label with the whole economy thing going on.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

N.A.S.A. Album Art

N.A.S.A. stands for North America & South America. In the spirit of that mix of cultures the album will have interchangeable cover art featuring heavy weight artists: Mark Gonzalez, Shepard Fairey, Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn and Brazilian graffiti duo Date Farmers.

Lilly Allen Live

The worlds best pop star is about to release her new album It's not me it's you next month and warming up for the inevitable tour with some shows close to home. Check out Lilly doing Britney Spear's Womanizer.

Blue Vs. Red

Old school skateboarder and one half of the famed Powell Peralta skateboards Stacy Peralta tackles LA gang violence in his new movie. Peralta's last two movies Dogtown & Z Boys (in which he is involved in the story and Riding Giants) were about subjects close to him such as surfing and skateboarding. In Crips and Bloods: Made in America he steps out of his comfort zone and explores a world few of us really know. Look for the films limited release throughout the county in the coming weeks.

Good Food and Great Music

It looks like my friend Rachel Ray (seriously I know her, she's nice) will be putting on another party here in Austin during SXSW. Last year belly's were filled and ears were pleased to the sounds of Holy Fuck and The Ravonettes. This year it is rumored that The Hold Steady will be performing. See you at the buffet table!

Wish List

Bad Brains + Glen E. Friedman + Sheppard Fairey = Awesome

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a Patient Boy.......

I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. And still no Fugazi reunion. Come on guys reunions are all the rage now. Oh well, I guess I'll just go listen to Repeater.

Animal Collective - My Girls Video

A cool and trippy video from one of the best songs from their new long player.

Boss Worship

It's been a pretty good few months for Bruce Springsteen. His buddy Obama is the new president, he's playing the Super Bowl later this week and he just put out a new album. One thing that has been interesting is how the "Boss" has become name checked by the cream of Indy music with bands like The Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady and the National giving Bruce his do. Two other big Springsteen fans are Ted Leo and The Gaslight Anthem who covered his songs for Pitchfork.

Living With Nature

The new Academy of Sciences building in San Francisco's Golden Gate park is alive. Native plant life cover the 197,000 square feet that also features seven hills in a homage to the cities undulating seven hills. The building is also insulated with recycled blue jeans and is scattered with large solar energy panels. If this is the future of architecture in the era of green technology count me in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Shit, Gang Gang!

New Lykke Li Video - Tonight

More proof that records labels are hurting. Ms. Li sings into the camera throughout the whole song and that's it.

New To Me

Eddie Current Suppression Ring

A punk/garage rock band from Melbourne Australia that know how to throw down with a fun looking beach party.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Asobi Seksu

This is the first video from Asobi Seksu's forthcoming album Hush. All the things that make this band great are intact from the My Bloody Valentine guitars to the Dream Pop vocals.

Thorns Of Life

Thorns of Life is the new band from mid era punk icon Blake Schwarzenbach formerly of Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil. The band also features Aaron Cometbus of zine fame and Daniala Sea from the L Word. Not to much is know about the band at this time like when can expect to see an album but the Youtube footage of a New York show suggests a return to a more early Jawbreaker sound.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Australia Connection

It has been well documented that English and American (New York) bands have had a huge effect on the ways in which music changed through the late 70's and early 80's. With bands like the Sex Pistols and the Ramones kicking of the "punk revolution" that morphed into post punk and finally gained commercial success as new wave. What is lesser know is the story of another English speaking country that is also a continent.

Two bands formed the back bone of what was the punk rock scene in Australia and they were The Saints and Radio Birdman. Radio Birdman formed in Sydney in 1974 and took their name from the Stooges song "1970". Determined to form a band that was more interested in doing something new the six man group included a Classical keyboard player. Unable to find any place that would book them gigs the band took over a pub that they renamed The Oxford Fun House. The pub become an Australian CBGB's giving a scene of like minded musicians a place to play. The band has had an on/off history over the years reforming to play festivals from time to time. In 2000 Seattle super label Sub Pop released a retrospective on the bands work from 1974 to 1978.

The Saints formed in 1974 in Brisbane Australia. Bob Geldof once said "rock music in the 70's was changed by three bands - The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Saints". In 1976 the band signed a three record contract with EMI and a year later moved to England. At this time they began to have trouble with their record label who wanted to market the band as a Sex Pistols clone complete with spiky hair and ripped clothes while the band wanted to be true to themselves. through out the years The Saints have changed line ups and their sound has evolved to include more of a blues and R&B sound. Two years back I was luck enough to catch their set at Fun(x3) Fest here in Austin. The band has a box set of it's first three records available which is a good place to dive into their catalogue.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coachella 2009

The word on the street (Internet) is that the schedule for this years Coachella Festival will be released this coming Monday on Twitter(?!). Rumored acts include a reunited Blur, Animal Collective, Paul McCartney and yes Britney Spears.

Greatest Album Covers

Belle and Sebastion - Tigermilk

Scottish Twee-Poppers Belle & Sebastian always have these great dual tone album covers reminiscence of The Smiths. The cover for Tigermilk is my personal favorite.

Here it is Legoized:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Black Lips in India

Atlanta Cow-punks Black Lips are currently on some kind of weird college/reality show/battle of the bands tour across India.

Arcade Fire - Born in the USA

The Arcade Fire perform a song by their buddy Bruce Springsteen at the Obama Staffers Ball. With this whole renewed spirit of patriotism it seem only right that they would play "Born in the USA". Unfortunately the camera guy insists on singing the hook of the song throughout the video.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michael Franti - Obama Song

Our new president has inspired some pretty bad music (I'm looking at you But this track from Micheal Franti and Spearhead is pretty cool!

Cover Art For New Peter Bjorn and John and Decemberists Albums

Here they are the covers of two of mine and Kanye West's most anticipated new albums. The Decemberists album is a bit of a let down but I'm digging the PB&J art.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Phychic I'lls Video - Mantis

This is kinda like the house band for a Manson family gathering.

New Trail Of Dead Album Cover

I think in high school everyone got bored and doodled during a particular boring class but Trail of the Deads Conrad Keely has taken it to a whole new level. Yes that is blue ball point pen!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Going to be a Great Week!!

New To Me

The Manhattan Love Suicides

With all the hype that went on last year over the Vivian Girls I wonder why more people were touting the virtues of The Manhattan Love Suicides. Their songs hit all the right audio pleasure spots: Jesus and Mary Chain, 60's girl groups, My Bloody Valentine. The bands recently released a very generous 27 track compilation of old and new tracks but the quality of the songs is much higher than normal albums of this sort.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Classic Graphic

Randy Colvin - Velvet Safari

I dig the whole 70's Blaxploitation mixed with African Queen poster art thing going on here.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2009

The not sure why it exists or why I care Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for 2009. Apparently they picked my middle and high school brain and came up with old school favorites Run DMC and Metallica. Yet again the Stooges got screwed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hunt For The Worst Album Cover Ever

OK seriously Madonna is almost old enough to be a member of AARP! What ever happened to aging gracefully? Plus this is just some ugly design no matter who was pictured in it.

Thom Yorke Grammy Poster

The words that make up the image of the Radiohead front man are songs that have inspired him. Pretty cool coming from the lame asses at the Grammys.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Monochome Set

Along with bands like The Ramones, Television and Gang Of Four U.K. Post Punk band The Monochrome Set will have to settle for never being as big as the bands they influenced. A young Morrissey counted them as one of his favorites and so do Franz Ferdinand.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama and Spiderman Team Up

In an upcoming issue of Amazing Spiderman the web slinger and President elect team up to stop the disaster of the Bush administration. Together Obama and Spidey stop Bush and Cheney from starting an unnecessary war, endorsing torture, letting New Orleans residents sink to their deaths, ruining the economy, fucking up the Justice Department, damaging the environment and inspiring future idiots and their henchmen. OK, I made up the plot but wouldn't that make a great story?

Greatest Album Covers

English Blues/Rock group Cream released their second album Disraeli Gears in November 1967. This album had a more psychedelic sound as represented by the bright and trippy album cover. Australian artist Martin Sharp designed the cover.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Liberal's Wet Dream

It looks like Bruce Springsteen will be performing as part of Obama's Inauguration festivities. The Boss will be performing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on January 18th. Having the voice of the "working man" performing at the same place MLK gave his I Have A Dream speech for our first black presidents makes my inner liberal all tingly!!

Jeff Tweedy covers Radiohead

With a little help from two members of Radiohead Jeff does a faithful rendition of Fake Plastic Trees.

Ron Asheton R.I.P.

Founding member of the Stooges Ron Asheton died January 6th of a heart attack. The Stooges guitar sound has influenced every guitar based rock genre from noise, shoe-gaze, grunge, punk and glam.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Senator Funny Man

Congratulations to Minnesota's newest Senator Al Franken!

Vinyl Archeology

One of my favorite things to do is to dig through the used records bins at my favorite record stores. This week I found: Brian Eno - Music For Films, Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger, Tammy Wynette - World Of, Pink Floyd - Animals, Bruce Springsteen - Greetings From Asbury Park.