Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Samiam - Clumsy

In 1994 Samiam released Clumsy their major label debut on Atlantic Records. Clumsy was not a happy album. The albums biggest hit "Capsized" is sung from the perspective of a abusive husband " hate you still yet i imitate you you're in my dreams pushing me around i move my mouth i watch her cry its killing me and you wonder why". From there we move on to "Stepson" featuring lines like "I'm free he can't touch me six feet down and there's no sadness". Still it's not all gloom and doom, two thirds of the way thru we get "Simca" a love note to the author's car. Probably the best track on the album is musically update and lyrically down trodden "Bad Day" Which starts off with the lines "it's been another bad day just saw a dog get hit on the freeway with my stomach in my mouth i almost hit a truck driving in the next lane spent all my money on beer and i've got rent to pay". This track has been a bit of an anthem for me at very times of my life, particularly that part about beer.

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