Friday, June 10, 2011

Anonymous Sends A Letter To NATO

Greetings, members of NATO. We are Anonymous.
In a recent publication, you have singled out Anonymous as a threat to “government and the people”. You have also alleged that secrecy is a ‘necessary evil’ and that transparency is not always the right way forward.
Anonymous would like to remind you that the government and the people are, contrary to the supposed foundations of “democracy”, distinct entities with often conflicting goals and desires. It is Anonymous’ position that when there is a conflict of interest between the government and the people, it is the people’s will which must take priority. The only threat transparency poses to government is to threaten government’s ability to act in a manner which the people would disagree with, without having to face democratic consequences and accountability for such behaviour. Your own report cites a perfect example of this, the Anonymous attack on HBGary. Whether HBGary were acting in the cause of security or military gain is irrelevant – their actions were illegal and morally reprehensible. Anonymous does not accept that the government and/or the military has the right to be above the law and to use the phoney cliche of “national security” to justify illegal and deceptive activities. If the government must break the rules, they must also be willing to accept the democratic consequences of this at the ballot box.We do not accept the current status quo whereby a government can tell one story to the people and another in private. Dishonesty and secrecy totally undermine the concept of self rule. How can the people judge for whom to vote unless they are fully aware of what policies said politicians are actually pursuing?
When a government is elected, it is said to “represent” the nation it governs. This essentially means that the actions of a government are not the actions of the people in government, but are actions taken on behalf of every citizen in that country. It is unacceptable to have a situation in which the people are, in many cases, totally and utterly unaware of what is being said and done on their behalf – behind closed doors.
Anonymous and WikiLeaks are distinct entities. The actions of Anonymous were not aided or even requested by WikiLeaks. However, Anonymous and WikiLeaks do share one common attribute: They are no threat to any organization – unless that organization is doing something wrong and attempting to get away with it.
We do not wish to threaten anybody’s way of life. We do not wish to dictate anything to anybody. We do not wish to terrorize any nation.
We merely wish to remove power from vested interests and return it to the people – who, in a democracy, it should never have been taken from in the first place.
The government makes the law. This does not give them the right to break it. If the government was doing nothing underhand or illegal, there would be nothing “embarassing” about Wikileaks revelations, nor would there have been any scandal emanating from HBGary. The resulting scandals were not a result of Anonymous’ or Wikileaks’ revelations, they were the result of the CONTENT of those revelations. And responsibility for that content can be laid solely at the doorstep of policymakers who, like any corrupt entity, naively believed that they were above the law and that they would not be caught.

A lot of government and corporate comment has been dedicated to “how we can avoid a similar leak in the future”. Such advice ranges from better security, to lower levels of clearance, from harsher penalties for whistleblowers, to censorship of the press.
Our message is simple: Do not lie to the people and you won’t have to worry about your lies being exposed. Do not make corrupt deals and you won’t have to worry about your corruption being laid bare. Do not break the rules and you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble for it.
Do not attempt to repair your two faces by concealing one of them. Instead, try having only one face – an honest, open and democratic one.
You know you do not fear us because we are a threat to society. You fear us because we are a threat to the established hierarchy. Anonymous has proven over the last several years that a hierarchy is not necessary in order to achieve great progress – perhaps what you truly fear in us, is the realization of your own irrelevance in an age which has outgrown its reliance on you. Your true terror is not in a collective of activists, but in the fact that you and everything you stand for have, by the changing tides and the advancement of technology, are now surplus to requirements.
Finally, do not make the mistake of challenging Anonymous. Do not make the mistake of believing you can behead a headless snake. If you slice off one head of Hydra, ten more heads will grow in its place. If you cut down one Anon, ten more will join us purely out of anger at your trampling of dissent.
Your only chance of defeating the movement which binds all of us is to accept it. This is no longer your world. It is our world – the people’s world.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us…


  1. Thank you anonymous! The land belongs to the people who work it, not the ones who micro manage from their executive suites. Thank you anonymous for the truth!

  2. Yes. Thank you, Anonymous! For showing me that Humanity still might deserve a chance. Thank you for the Truth, and more importantly, for being willing to fight for it... Thank you!

  3. I am merely a high school student. But for years I have tried to make others understand that we as AMERICANS have a voice and that we need to speak up. Thank you ANONYMOUS

  4. Hola, informo que el vaticano y la iglesia católica no es lo que párese y la situación es preocupante se debe informar a todos los que se pueda.
    No, no soy de una secta ni un satánico solo quiero informar de algo importantes.El Vaticano invierte en armas, en bolsa, en anticonceptivos... tienen coches de lujo, túnicas de oro, comida de lujo y muchas mas cosa de lujo.Solo con una cuarta parte de su dinero podrían curar el hambre mundial.

    1. hola bueno yo creo ke todos esos lujos ke tienen es porke los catholicos lo han permitido no lo crees? Es el dinero de los catholicos y no del pueblo, la limosna es algo voluntario y no algo obligatorio como los impuestos, es por eso ke a los gobiernos podemos exijirles por algo ke ya hemos pagado con intereses muy altos. Al menos ese es mi punto de vista espero no haber ofendido a nadie

  5. Hello, reported that the Vatican and the catholic church is not what stand and the situation is worrying must be reported to all who can be. No, I am not a sect or a satanic just want to say something important.The Vatican invests in weapons, in bag, in contraceptives ... have luxury cars, tunics of gold, luxury food and many more thing luxury.Only with a fourth part of your money could cure world hunger.

  6. two days ago, a young Dominican fraction of ANONYMOUS was seized by local "authorities" and are being greatly mistreated. Some of them are minors and have been detained in jails not suitable for them.They have been deprived of their most basic rights and the Dominican Police proudly boasts and show them as trophies to the media, they gloat about the "success of Operation UNMASK" in the Dominican Republic, a country where police only works as a private task force for those in power (and how corrupt are those!)this has affected me personally. They want tho show a message of fear to those who dare to speak.
    I wish they learn that they are wrong. I want them to expect a lot.

  7. You all seem to be taking this so seriously, so I'm gonna be the one to point out that Mass Effect 2 reference.

  8. Anonymous has, once again, won me over with their truths. If only the parties on the receiving end of this message, the members of our government, would recognize and accept these truths as well. If they don't, they will only make more trouble for themselves just the way that Anonymous stated in this letter, but if they do, great things could happen. The message that this delivers could spread to other government-oppressed places and aid in solving the problem.

    Thank you Anonymous!

  9. Now that we are in the 21 centuary he who controls the web controls all who use it although the actions being taken to put an end to Anonymous are incorrect opposing the goverment and therefore the country isnt much better now is it?