Thursday, September 9, 2010

Batman VS. The Ecstasy Killer

In 1988, DC Comics released a Batman issue of the Detective Comics series where the primary villain is a young man who is given ecstasy and then goes on a killing rampage. The secondary villain is the ecstasy dealer / pusher who gives the young man the drug. This comic represents some of the absurdist “Just Say No” propaganda common in the late 1980′s and is an amusing piece of War on Drugs memorobilia. This comic also represents an interesting piece of history because it came somewhat after the first crest of media frenzy about MDMA. By 1988, the “designer drug” hysteria had been mostly drowned out by the “Crack Epidemic” scare. When Ecstasy fear mongering was reinvented in 1998-1999, the previous wave of anti-ecstasy media was all but forgotten.

Via: Boing Boing

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