Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Activist Group Femen Protest At Chernobyl

A somewhat awkward explanation translated by Google.

Activists held a rally FEMEN in the 30-kilometer zone of Chernobyl "Murdered peaceful atom." The women's movement FEMEN expresses solidarity with all victims of the peaceful atom, and deep admiration for the heroic actions of the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster and Fukusimskoy. 
FEMEN urges world community to draw the necessary conclusions and to adopt measures to peaceful atom never killed. 
Women's movement in protest against speculation on the Chernobyl issue. National tragedy should not be a reason for Congress tyrants in Ukraine and for the mourning of the Soviet Union under the nasal Cyrillic mourning. On the memory of the Chernobyl tragedy, this trio is preparing for the future of Ukraine political and humanitarian disaster. 
"Miserable condition of Chernobyl and overcrowded youth cancer hospitals in Ukraine - that's a dosimeter to measure cynicism and vulgarity of today's Ukrainian authorities!" - Said the movement's leader, Anna Gutsol. 

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