Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Superman Is No Longer American

In an America where we witness Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, the sanctioning of torture and lies that lead us into wars it is no surprise that "truth, justice and the American way aren't cutting for anyone anymore, not even Superman. From Comics Alliance:

The key scene takes place in "The Incident," a short story in Action Comics #900 written by David S. Goyer with art by Miguel Sepulveda. In it, Superman consults with the President's national security advisor, who is incensed that Superman appeared in Tehran to non-violently support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime, no doubt an analogue for the recent real-life protests in the Middle East. However, since Superman is viewed as an American icon in the DC Universe as well as our own, the Iranian government has construed his actions as the will of the American President, and indeed, an act of war.

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